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What is Freedom Walk? - In Brief

Freedom walk is a project aimed at spreading the message of 'Freedom in Society', 'Freedom from Environmental Issues', and 'Freedom in Software' and to promote activism around these freedoms. As part of this mobilization campaign a team of volunteers are going to walk from Kasargode to Trivandrum and organize seminars and talks on these freedoms at educational institutions and non profit organizations.

Additionally we hope to connect with people and organisations who share our vision and to work together for our common cause. We are also planning to launch a collaboration platform for such individuals and organizations to help them to work together and also to harness the power of the web to improve their efficiency.

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Freedomwalk : Places covered

Freedom Walkers have so far covered a number of places across the length and breadth of the state. Here is the list of places we have covered so far.
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Distance Covered

The Freedom Walk started on October 2nd, 2008 and completed on November 14, 2008. It took 44 days to complete the journey from Kasargod to Trivandrum, covering all the 14 districts and a total distance of more than 1200kms. See the distances covered during each day.

Freedom Walk: Our Walkers

Since October 2nd, a lot of people including people from various FSUGs, GNU/Linux enthusiasts, NGOs, and various organizations had joined the Freedom Walk.
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Official Programs

During the course of the 44-day walk, the freedom-walkers talked to thousands of people through their organized programs at educational institutions as well as road-side meetings with general public. We have compiled here a list of such documented interactions here.

Latest Updates

Freedom Walk: Day 5 - Azhikkode to Mulathilangady

large_dscn0753.jpgNishant's hospitality hasn't seemed to wane at all, today. His family is up early to prepare break fast for the four extra souls seeking abode at his home. The result is a sumptuous and delicious breakfast of puttu and kadala, as well as appam and pazham. The relish doesn't, however last long. Soon, the group is herded, cajoled even, by Nishant, for he has planned for them for the day. And thusly, the trot to Kannur begins towards the science park. The day grows hotter, with the sun beating down mercilessly, even on hattie boy. Soon the trek splits into two. The lead group of three are making good head way, while the laggards decide on a more relaxed pace. The sheer distance seems to be taking its toll on weary joints, otherwise used to much less wear and tear. Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 4 - Pazhayangadi to Azhikkodu

large_dscn0576.jpgCherry's hattie ( kuda thala ... err... thala kuda ) seems to be attracting a lot of curiosity. He seems to be getting a lot of greetings in the local version of English. Prasad seems to not resent his loss of novelty status, and now wears his 2 billion Ruppee duplicate Rayban shades with nonchalance. The rest seems to have done wonders to his energy levels. He's leading the group now. Very different from the laggard of the previous day. Three hours into the fiercely hot day, and he seems to have overshot turn-offs twice.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 3 - Cheruvathur to Pazhayangadi

day03-150x150.jpgCheruvathoor town seems straight out of a malayalam movie. The small difference in an otherwise rustic experience is the ubiquity of mobile phones. Anoop and Prasad don't seem to be out of place here, in the midst of technology - a 7" laptop and a CDMA BSNL connection. Sooraj seems to have excelled at hospitality - he's organized stay and connectivity. Cherry joins them a little after 9 o'clock, and becomes a convenient scapegoat to blame for the late start to the day, at a little past 10 o'clock.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 2 - Kanhangad to Cheruvathur

day02-150x150.jpgWe left the PWD Guest House at around 8:45AM. We had break fast at Vasantha Bhavan near Taluk Office Kanhangad. The food was pretty good. There we tried a local food - Aval + Curry - which was pretty good. The menu looked damn cheap and we took a photo as evidence.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 1 - Kasargode to Kanhangad.

We reached Kasargode at around 7:25AM and met Sooraj K. who was joining us for the walk. He works for Ascent Engineers which is emerging as a key player at fsug-calicut. There was a car sent, by Mr. Ranjit, Sys Admin, KSEB and an active Free Software Organizer, to pick us up from the Railway Station which we politely declined as we had set our minds upon not using any other means of conveyance other than walking. This had complex implications which we realized only later.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 0 - Departure from Trivandrum

We - Anoop John, Manuel Jose, and Prasad S. R. - left Trivandrum by Maveli. Cherry could not make it as he had a major deliverable for the 1st, and he tried till the last minute to make it but couldn't. He is scheduled to join us at the place we are halting at on the second day - cheruvathur and will walk with us from the 3rd. We had a small sent off party - comprising of Anoop's parents, one of his uncles and his son and Joju Joshua - who accompanied to see us off at the station.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Promoting Freedom Walk over the Internet

The story on Freedom Walk was posted on FSDaily recently and is currently in the top news of the week. You can read more and vote for it at

Freedom Walk Story on

By voting for this you will ensure that this remains in high visibility and it would not take more than a few minutes to register and vote.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

What exactly are we trying to promote through Freedom Walk

Activism being a broad area, we intend to highlight and promote generic concepts that can be used across the board, specifically to highlight the limitless possibilities with the use of technology. More specifically we aim to promote Free Software as an empowering agent for Social and Environmental Activism. It is not just Free Software but we would also like to make use of the concepts and philosophies that underly Free Software in the areas of social and environmental activism.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Updated Freedom Walk Route published

We have updated the xml with the list of towns that the Freedom Walk will pass through. The towns are currently marked with yellow markers. This will be updated to green markers once the town has been covered.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Approximate distance between the towns through which freedom walk passes through

Using Google Maps and Google Earth we have calculated the approximate distances between the towns which we had identified as those that lie along the Freedom Walk path. We are publishing the details here. Using this information we will chart out an approximate schedule for the Freedom Walk. The approximated distances between the towns are as followsClick Here to Read the rest of this article

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