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What is Freedom Walk? - In Brief

Freedom walk is a project aimed at spreading the message of 'Freedom in Society', 'Freedom from Environmental Issues', and 'Freedom in Software' and to promote activism around these freedoms. As part of this mobilization campaign a team of volunteers are going to walk from Kasargode to Trivandrum and organize seminars and talks on these freedoms at educational institutions and non profit organizations.

Additionally we hope to connect with people and organisations who share our vision and to work together for our common cause. We are also planning to launch a collaboration platform for such individuals and organizations to help them to work together and also to harness the power of the web to improve their efficiency.

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Freedomwalk : Places covered

Freedom Walkers have so far covered a number of places across the length and breadth of the state. Here is the list of places we have covered so far.
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Distance Covered

The Freedom Walk started on October 2nd, 2008 and completed on November 14, 2008. It took 44 days to complete the journey from Kasargod to Trivandrum, covering all the 14 districts and a total distance of more than 1200kms. See the distances covered during each day.

Freedom Walk: Our Walkers

Since October 2nd, a lot of people including people from various FSUGs, GNU/Linux enthusiasts, NGOs, and various organizations had joined the Freedom Walk.
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Official Programs

During the course of the 44-day walk, the freedom-walkers talked to thousands of people through their organized programs at educational institutions as well as road-side meetings with general public. We have compiled here a list of such documented interactions here.

Latest Updates

Freedom Walk - Final day at Trivandrum

It was an idea six months ago. That idea was conceptualised and later, was named Freedom Walk-A walk to claim,ensure and preserve freedom. Started off from Kasargode on Oct 2, our team of volunteers criss-crossed through the length and breadth of Kerala touching all the 14 districts, and spreading the message of freedom among the people. Hearty congratulations to Anoop John, Cherry G Mathew, Sooraj K and Prasad S.R for the kind of determination and perseverance they have shown for a social cause.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 44 - Kazhakkuttam to Trivandrum

day44-200x200.JPGWe woke up excited. This would be the last day of our 44 day walk! We thanked the KSEB staff for their hospitality, and set off towards the Kerala University Campus. On the way, we passed by a remarkable board that read: "Kerala Highway Research Institute". We certainly know where to give feedback about our ordeal on the roads now!Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 43 - Kallambalam to Kazhakkuttam

day43-200x200.JPGAs usual, we said our goodbyes to the Kallambalam staff, and headed off towards Thiruvanthapuram. Being the second last day, we were now looking forward to the end of the walk, while savouring the last bits of it - a curious mixture of emotions, really. The road lost its markings and lay-byes and narrowed down to a tarred track once again. This would go on until a little after Attingal, where road works were in progress.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 42 - Kollam to Kallambalam

day42-200x200.JPGWe left at leisure today, despite Adarsh's please to clear out before it was time for him to leave for work. Clearly, we had put on a measure of self importance that ranked higher than the schedules of hard working people. Finally, we managed to overcome our inertia and after Adarsh got back home from work specifically to evict us (in good humour, of course!), we promised to keep in touch and moved on along the National Highway towards Attingal.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 41 - Puthoor to Kollam

day41-150x150.JPGWe set off early in the morning from Puthoor, for we would have a few events planned out at Kollam today. Walking through the countryside was refreshing, and we imagined this would be the last time we'd be able to do this on the trip, for we were to get on the National Highway 47 (NH47) once we got to Kollam, and then it'd be the usual routine of dodging traffic and roadkill.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 40 - Kaipattoor to Puthoor

day40-200x200.JPGThe caretaker at St. Ignatious Orthodox church was surprised, even a little intimidated. We quickly reassured him that we meant no harm, and promised to leave as soon as it was daybreak. It was hardly 4.30 in the morning when he happened upon us. At half past six, we were on our feet, ready to move on to Adoor. We hadn't used the bathroom or brushed our teeth or taken a shower as most civilized people would do at some point of the day, but no matter, if we reached Adoor, we'd be able to freshen up and get on with the programmes organized there. So off we went, and a fast pace. By the time we had breakfast, a little before Anandapally, we received a phone call from Unnikrishnan of Zyxware Technologies, that he would be walking with us today. We synchronized things with him, and finally met up.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 39 - Thiruvalla to Kaipattoor

day39-200x200.JPGLeaving Thiruvalla was an easy matter. Having stayed in the heart of town, a 500m walk was sufficient to take us straight out of the town centre, and onto the TK road. Cherry stopped a little bit to catch up with a relative who wasn't doing well. We all caught up a little after Manjadi. We reached the Thottabhagom (literally "Garden Side") bridge across the Manimala river, waiting for the traffic lights to alternate traffic to either direction on this narrow bridge of vintage design. An interesting scene: the guardrails on the side had been broken by some sort of accident, and an ingenuous fix via bamboo sticks tied to the ends that remained served as a grim reminder of the safety standards we're accustomed to. It is little consolation that this very scene featured in the local version of the Malayalam newspaper.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 38 - Ambalapuzha to Thiruvalla

day38-200x200.JPG"Omana Ammachy" spared no affection, and made us breakfast, despite strong protest from Anoop the previous night. We had delicious breakfast, and lazed about in comparative luxury, with Cherry keying in the reports which were lagging. Since we began late in the day, the sun was out in full force by the time we said our goodbyes, and Anoop bid special goodbye to Omana Ammachy, it was almost like leaving family behind.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 37 - Thanneermukkam Bund to Ambalappuzha

day37-150x150.JPGWe started from Thaneermukkam bund KSEB office early, as we usually do from offices, for we needed to clear out before the day staff showed up. Walking down towards Allappuzha, the coastal feel was immediately obvious. The roads were narrow and twisty, with sandy pavements and small holdings - typical in Coastal Kerala. The feel was very similar to that of Marad, Bekkal and other coastal areas we had been to. There were also a lot of beautiful temples in the area, which were made in Kerala style. The accent had also distinctly evolved towards melody as we approached the Alappuzha area.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 36 - Kottayam to Thanneermukkam Bund

day36-150x150.JPGToday was a busy day at Kottayam. We would spend most of today in town at various commitments. Powered by an excellent breakfast and lots of support from "Manoj Achachen" and his family, we made towards MD seminary Higher Secondary School. We were joined on the way by Jin, a lucky camper at BCM college. Apparently he is among 18 other male students at this otherwise all womens' college, which should certainly be an interesting academic experience, if nothing else.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

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