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Freedom Walk Day 26 Photos (Chalakkudy to Kalamassery)

Freedom Walk day 26 photos

wikimapia or other maps

i have been using wikimapia to trace the freedomwalk, and here is chalakuddy

i think that it would be neat if there was a wikimapia trace of the route taken. however, it is worthwhile to manually use the wikimapia to get a feel for the geography by trial and error.

in other words, the wikimapia can be our personal landsat of the freedomwalk.

Freedom Walk on Google Maps

We have the complete map on google maps. You can please check it out at

This was the original route charted out but there were modifications en route. But this was more or less the approximate route.

Don't worry guys... paalam

Don't worry guys... paalam pannii 10-15 varshathinakamm thirumm appoo cross chiyamm....

This is God's Own Country

This is God's Own Country