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Freedom Walk Day 8 Photos (Kuttiyadi to Thottilpaalam)

The day started at Kuttiyadi and the Freedom Walkers walked all the way to Thottilpaalam via Mayyannoor, Thanneerpandal and Ambalakkulangara. Today being Maha Navami day and since all the educational institutions remained shut, we could cover quite a lot of distance on ground. There was a down pour during the day, but however, we managed to get to our destination.
Here are some snaps.

nagalude paripadi ithode

nagalude paripadi ithode avasanikunu..

Nattukarr ellarumm kudii

Nattukarr ellarumm kudii chernnuu ennee thallii kolluunnee.....

Anoopshayanamm ennuu

Anoopshayanamm ennuu parayunnathuu ithineeyannuu....

ayyooo ANNIYAN

ayyooo ANNIYAN varunneee.....