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Freedom Walk: Day 5 - Azhikkode to Mulathilangady

large_dscn0753.jpgNishant's hospitality hasn't seemed to wane at all, today. His family is up early to prepare break fast for the four extra souls seeking abode at his home. The result is a sumptuous and delicious breakfast of puttu and kadala, as well as appam and pazham. The relish doesn't, however last long. Soon, the group is herded, cajoled even, by Nishant, for he has planned for them for the day. And thusly, the trot to Kannur begins towards the science park. The day grows hotter, with the sun beating down mercilessly, even on hattie boy. Soon the trek splits into two. The lead group of three are making good head way, while the laggards decide on a more relaxed pace. The sheer distance seems to be taking its toll on weary joints, otherwise used to much less wear and tear.

The Science Park building in Kannur town is interesting. Interesting because of the homely feel to it, possibly from the potted plants and other botanical decorations at the side entrance. The director of the Science Park is already in a meeting with the environmentalists, with whom an interaction has been arranged by Nishant. Most of the group of walkers are now experts at extemporaneous speech, otherwise well known by the initials B.S, but this interaction turns out to be no exercise in oratory skills. These audience is older, wiser, and much more assertive and to the point. Motivations are questioned, plans of action examined, ideas, strategies and visions bounced back and forth with vigour, as youthful fervour meets mature restraint in a beautiful symphony of opportunities revealed.

The trek resumes towards the hall where Akshaya is holding a local meeting. Five sweaty, smelly, startled trekkers stumble into the glare of the spot light of a most formal meeting that one can imagine. After many felicitations, and undeserved congratulations, Anoop addresses the meeting in his usual semi-pedantic, semi-oratory, totally passionate manner. The message seems to get through, and the march to lunch begins. Akshaya then proceeds to prove, that there is indeed such a thing as a free lunch.....

S N College is up a hill. The will of Nishant is higher than this hill. But neither time, nor tide wait for either. It is nearly half past three in the afternoon by the time the team is there. The students are already dispersing for the day, after a presumably labourious time of academic pursuits. Fortunately, a few victims have been roped in through brilliant maneuvering by Nishant. Presently, a reluctant class of potential physicists are incarcerated for the best part of forty minutes, during which time, the virtues of freedom and Free Software are vividly extolled to them in graphic detail. The sigh of relief when the class is dismissed is nearly audible. However, a few great souls do venture to stay back for informal chit-chat afterward. A heartening development, given the time of day, and the recent assault on their basic freedom.

The trek to Mulathilangady is not very eventful, apart from the usual queries from curious bystanders. Mulathilangady is delightful little village, a little way off the highway. The usual clichéd exchange about the group not being foreigners ensues, with curious locals. (“Hi maan, houdooyoodoo?”. “Chetta, malayalee thanne, tto. 'vide hallil arrenj cheydittundu, tto. 'ngade thanne membraanu 'kke cheydittulle..........”). The same level of hospitality, as the previous night. Accommodation at the Pachayat Hall, is arranged for by “Bharathan Maash”. All is well, except for the curious fact that the Village Pachayat Hall is the last remaining building in the area to be electrified. The toilets in the adjoining school provide for makeshift bathrooms, and all is well that ends well.
Freedom Walk Day 5 Photo Gallery

Places passed by:

- Kolaadakkunnu/Kolaadathazhu
- Kacherippaara
- Bhoothappaara
- Alavil
- Chaalaadu
- Padanna Paalam
- Kannur Stadium
- Caltex Junction
- Science Park
- Thaana
- Chovva
- SN College
- Thottada
- Kizhunna

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great good going. keep it up.

great good going. keep it up. I do visit this page from Africa, because I am cherry'dad.

Africa need this kind of publicity for open source! I am a novice with Ubuntu Linux but feel that Microsoft monopoly or for that matter any kind of monopoly must be broken. Please update your web page every day, tired or not. Very good language though malayalam expressions are impossible for people around here.
Any way, wish you great going tomorrow and there after.

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