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Tentative path for Freedom Walk published

We have created a tentative path for the upcoming Freedom Walk. The path has been prepared using Google Earth and is being published as kml file. the path has also been integrated into the google maps block on this site. You can see the path and the current progress of the Freedom Walk by clicking on the "View Larger Map" link below the map block on the right side.

The path has been selected considering the following key parameters - pass through all the district capitals without retracing any path, sticking to main roads and passing through major towns en-route. Again this path is not finalized but is being published for review and ratification by the community.

This should also give activists a chance to identify possible institutions where the talks and seminars can be organized. We will also publish the details of the towns that the path passes through on the path itself. Also we will soon be publishing the distances between the major towns that the path passes through soon.

Once we have the distances we will also publish an approximate schedule for the walk so that organizations can plan for the talks and seminars accordingly.

If you have Google Earth installed on your computer you can download the kml file of the freedomwalk path and import it to Google Earth and modify the path. If you have suggestions or modifications you can send us back the modified kml file.

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